Rocky Plotnick

My dad’s store, Union Leader, was on the block of 4th Ave. that sunk two stories. That day I had been shopping downtown with a classmate. We were going to wait at dad’s store for a ride home but her dad was able to get us earlier. So when the quake hit we were in her Airport Heights home reading Beatles’ magazines. I remember standing in the hallway of the house hanging on for dear life. The noise was horrific. It was a bit like being on a small boat in confused and stormy seas. But worse. When it finally stopped I called my mom at home to tell her I was okay. Then I walked home listening to an odd silence. Dad showed up that evening – his store and inventory destroyed. As darkness covered Anchorage, I starred out at the lack of lights from downtown. Only an occasional car light appeared. We listened to Genie Chance on the radio as she relayed messages between friends & family reporting their status. My grandpa (Commissioner of Commerce Abe Romick) flew up from Juneau with Governor Bill Egan to inspect the damage. Fifty years ago today and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Rocky Plotnick

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