Patrick Hames

At the time of the earthquake, I was an A2C (E3) stationed with the 5040th CAM Grp Hq. The building was shared with the Air Police Sq. and was across the street from Hangar 1. I was cleaning Col. Hubbs office when I began to hear loud noises in the building that I thought were coming from the Air Police changing shift. When I felt the building moving, I went into the hallway and noticed several Air Policemen looking every which way. We all ran out the front door. There was a water tower in front of the building and it was swaying a lot. I ran far enough so that if it fell, I would be clear. After the worse of the tremors, I went to my barracks and changed into my fatigues and returned to the office. Col. Hubbs called looking for his driver who couldn’t be located. For a couple of days I drove the Col. around to the various squadrons for which he was responsible.

The chow halls were closed for some period; I don’t remember how long. We were issued c rations which still had cigarettes included that had patriotic messages on them, such as “Buy War Bonds”.

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