Timothy S. Osborn – Ft. Richardson

I was 4 years old living on Ft. Richardson at the time of the earthquake. Most people don’t think that a 4 year old child can remember particular events but I remember this one. My sisters and I along with two friends were watching Davey and Goliath on the TV when just as Davey and Goliath were entering a spooky building the TV lifted up off of the stand that it was on and crashed to the floor. As we just sat there on the couches and chairs, we watched the pictures on the walls dance back and forth. During all of this time all of the dishes in the cupboards flew out and fell to the floor. Upstairs, the toilet was sloshing around so much that all of the water spilled and continued to spill as the toilet kept filling itself up. I remember going down to the basement afterward and seeing the large crack in the concrete flooring. My older sister said that “That was the Easter Bunny stamping his foot telling us that he was coming.”

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