Robert Williams – Eielson Air Force Base Account

Eielson AFB, Alaska, is located about 25 miles southeast of Fairbanks in the interior of Alaska.

I was 9 years old living on Eielson Air Force Base, my dad was at his second job at the N.C.O. club, My two brothers, mom & I were just sitting down to supper when the quad plex we lived in started shaking violently. The house tilted and the cabinet doors flew open when glasses and dishes were crashing on the floor. I hopped on the counter and was closing the cabinets. The ground in the front yard looked like water, waves. It happened so instantly that we really didn’t get scared, more of an adrenaline euphoria and excitement came over us. When it was over we went outside and everything was OK except the yard looked as if it had been roughed up. Then for a while the tremors would pass through. I can remember many quakes at night in Alaska, sometimes the aftershock was worse than the first quake. But not on Good Friday in 1964.

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