Paul Heilman – Fort Richardson

When the earthquake of 1964 hit, I was 9 years old and lived on Fort Richardson Alaska. I was in my front yard making a snow fort. All the other kids went inside to eat dinner. When the earthquake started….I saw my snow fort crumble in front of me. I was about 40 yards from my front door and started to run home…I fell down at least 3 times because the ground was vibrating. When I got to my house, my mother and two older brothers were coming out. My mother grabbed me and lay on top of me while my brothers were bouncing around. When the earthquake stopped, we went into our house and saw all the furniture had shifted to one side of the house. Our goldfish were struggling on the floor.

Forty years later….I can clearly remember every detail of that day.

One thought on “Paul Heilman – Fort Richardson

  1. I too lived in Ft Richardson, Alaska and experience the 1964 earthquake. We were home getting ready for dinner when we felt the ground shake and things in the house go array (209 h Acuhtan Ave.) My Mom put us on our knees against the couch and began praying. My Father I remember was trying to keep things from coming our way. I remember sleeping in our clothes for days after for fear of having to leave during the night. That day and minutes stay very vivid in my mind to this day.

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