Melody Gentry Barlow – Ft. Richardson

It seems incredible to find this information. I was just a baby, six months old when this happened, so of course I don’t remember anything. My dad was stationed at Ft. Richardson at the time of this earth quake, and he and my mom have recounted the events of that earthquake and the next few days and weeks so many times that I feel like I do remember. We lived on Hoyt Street -#610. My father had been stationed at Ft. Richardson, but his tour ended and he stayed on as a civil service employee. He and my mom talk about living in a log house on Hoyt Street and that being the only house that didn’t take any extensive damage. I guess the log structure could ‘give’ a little more than other building types. They talk about having to get typhoid shots, about the water lines being messed up so that the water coming into the house was the water that should have been going out. About a new apartment building down the street from them that collapsed completely.

Their son died in December of 1963, my mom talks about the biggest tragedy for her personally was that the graves shifted and she couldn’t find their baby’s marker at the cemetery any more. Thankfully, both my parents and I survived unharmed. We eventually moved back home to North Carolina, where we still live.

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