Lori Lynn – Anchorage

I was 9 years old in 1964. We had lived in Anchorage since 1959. My sister 4 years older than myself was home alone. My Dad worked at 5th and gamble and my Mom was working in the J.C.Penny’s building 2rd floor.

Me and my sister had just finished straighten up the mobile home (we lived at Idle Wheels park) and had opened a pack of cards to play “Go Fish” and the trailer started rocking and rolling. My sister knew we need to get out so she grabbed me and ran. The T.V. was swaying back and forth and she saved me from being hit by it, as we got out.

My dad worked 10 minutes away and it seems like he was at our trailer before the quake stopped. My sister and I were over at the neighbor’s trailer by then and I remember seeing inside their trailer and all the cupboards were open and everything was on the floor. My Dad told us We had to go get my Mom at Penney’s. I remember being so scared that my Mom was dead. I don’t remember how we even got downtown, But after sitting in the car waiting for my Dad to find her, I was so never so happy to see anyone in my whole life.

My Mom was okay, She never did remember how she got out, but she had 2 kids with her that she helped out of the rubble. Our trailer wasn’t damaged much, so our friends whose apt. was damaged moved in with us. So there were 7 kids under 13 with 4 adults staying in a single wide mobile. We boiled snow with Clorox to drink and flush the toilet. My dad and his friend went out every day to help with whatever they could and we have some good pictures of the damages around town.

The after tremors at all times of the day and night really scared us. My Dad sent us “Outside” to Washington state to stay with family for 3 months to calm my Mothers nerves but We were back up there as soon as he let us. We were back and forth to Alaska for the next 10 years. My mom driving the Alcan Highway with my sister and me. They bought a house in Vancouver, WA So I had the choose to finish school in Washington and a year after I graduated I meet and later married a Man that was born in Palmer, AK. He was living in Seaside, Oregon in 1964 and was run out of town by the tsunami wave created by the Alaska earthquake.

My husband is now retired from the Air Force after serving 30 years. I was back in Anchorage in 1995 when my dad passed away.

Thank You for letting me tell you about my experience during the quake Only someone that was there really knows how I felt and how scary it was for a child of 9 years old

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